There are cars you like, cars you don’t, cars you love…and then there is your dream car. Rarely is dream car isn’t a vehicle you see on a commercial and run to buy at a dealership. Dream cars are often rare, hard to fine or simply too expensive for the average person. When we can make someone’s dream come true, it’s special. Dave is a local guy who has dreamed of owning a Ford Focus RS for a while. Getting one seemed next to impossible. In Canada, there were less than 500 Focus RS models available this year. It seemed as though anyone who knew of the Focus RS wanted one. And for good reason. This is one amazing performance car in a small body. It corners superbly and in a matter of seconds you’re accelerating to the point where the scenery is simply a blur. How were we able to get a brand new Focus RS for Dave? You’ll have to ask Marty Nolasco All we know is Dave is now driving his dream car on the roads of Ottawa. Keep an eye out for him, even though it may just be a blur as he passes you.