For some people a car is just a car. As long as it has four wheels, breaks and a steering wheel they are happy. There are others who like to drive something special. That could be a custom lifted truck, a rare old school car from decades past, or a performance car that leaves everyone else on the road in its dust. For long time Donnelly Ford customers Darwin and Krystyna they actually have two cars that certainly fall under the category of “special”. A couple of years ago Darwin purchased a gorgeous 2014 Mustang GT Convertible California Special from Donnelly Ford. The look of the car alone makes it something special; drive it for a few minutes and you’ll experience just how special this Mustang really is. But these fine folks weren’t content with just one “special” car. Recently Krystyna came to Donnelly Ford and drove off in her own special car – a brand new Fiesta ST. Smaller than the Mustang? Sure, but there is a lot of fun packed into this little wonder. Special cars come in all shapes and sizes. Spend a few seconds driving the Fiesta ST and you’ll understand why Krystyna has a smile on her face.