If we believe the stereotypes, Canadians are all about hockey. Nothing else matters - not food, not oxygen and not even the newest Netflix original. For some, this is 100% true. But, we're forgetting something incredibly important: Football is awesome! Look no further than our own Ottawa REDBLACKS. A few short years ago Ottawa didn't have a CFL team and the football stadium in the Glebe was known more for having a huge parking lot than anything else. Wow, how times change. The REDBLACKS are among the best teams in the league and football fever has taken over the city. The only thing missing is a Tailgate party. Well Donnelly Ford Custom and the Farm team Cookhouse have you covered. Before every REDBLACKS home game, we join forces to throw an awesome tailgate party. First, we bring some of our absolutely amazing customer trucks - because what is a tailgate party without a few trucks? Then, we throw in some live music, games, prizes, food and drinks and before you know it we have a full-fledged party happening. It's always a great time for everyone. It's a family event where anyone can have a good time. It's all about celebrating the great game of football and cheering the REDBLACKS. Of course, we are all about fun, but safety is #1 for us. No one should ever drive after drinking, so we encourage everyone to have a great time, but leave the keys to your vehicles at home. So, ready to Tailgate with us?