Why is it important?

Spring is THE BEST time to get a fresh air HVAC service done on your vehicles’ climate control system. Over the course of a year, climate control systems go through multiple freezing and thawing cycles – especially here in Ottawa when we are exposed to a variety of weather and road conditions. This will lead to an accumulation of moisture, debris, mold, and bacteria in the system – that’s why we recommend doing this service during the spring.

There are 3 key areas of focus when doing this service

1. Allergens/Bacteria

Mold, mildew, and bacteria will grow on your cabin air filter and the evaporator. When your A/C is turned on these allergens are blown into the cabin through the climate controls. Then when the vehicle sits overnight, the contaminants start growing again. This service, using BG Frigi Products, removes these contaminants from the evaporator.

2. Smell

BG Products are accepted disinfectants, deodorants, and sanitizers. Owners can be confident that these hospital grade products will kill germs, bacteria and mold that grow in your cabin air filter. Our service will leave your interior smelling much cleaner and fresher.

3. Safety

Now more than ever with COVID-19 it is extra important to have a clean and safe environment. Our climate control service will help kill viruses, as well as helping those with current or to prevent future respiratory illnesses.

This service must be completed before May 31st, 2021 for this special to apply – BOOK NOW (613) 521 8463 or click here