Model year 2021 has been a huge year for the Ford Motor Company. First, we got a redesigned Ford F-150 which has set the bar in the full-size pickup segment. Then the Mustang Mach-E released – and it just won the 2021 Electric Vehicle of the Year award. In addition, we’ve seen a major interior overhaul to Edge with the all-new SYNC 4 system, as well as the announcement for the unibody Ford Maverick pickup.

However, it’s safe to say the most anticipated of the bunch was the revival of the Bronco nameplate with Bronco Sport and Bronco SUV’s. The Bronco lineup introduced the Goes Over Any Terrain, or GOAT, driving modes.

Depending on the trim you get, whether its Base or all the way up to Wildtrak, GOAT modes are standard. Some trims get some extra modes, and every mode affects the vehicle’s off-road capabilities differently depending on the terrain you’re in. 

The first table below will tell you which GOAT modes come on your Bronco trim Note this information will focus on the Bronco and not the Bronco Sport.

Table 2 indicates what happens to your vehicle during each mode.

Lets take Mud & Ruts for example. From the first table, all trims except Base have this mode. When activated, drivetrain will be in 4WD High, Traction Control will be off, both front and rear differentials will be locked, and throttle response will be in normal. Also, steering response and gear shifts will be softer, the sway bar will be connected, and grill shutters and exhaust valves will be open. 

We hope this information will allow you to use your Bronco to the best of its ability. Remember, if you haven't joined the Bronco Club of Ottawa yet click here.

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