Canada’s best-selling van is back and greener than ever before. The new 2022 E-Transit is about to lead businesses into the future with 100% electrification. Welcome to the new way of doing business.

The new E-Transit will follow the same recipe as the internal combustion models: the ability to fully retrofit and customize it to fit your business needs. There remain three roof heights, three wheelbase lengths, and the Chassis Cab and Cutaway models. Heights are still available is low, medium, and high, and the high configuration allows a person as tall as 6ft. 8in. to stand up straight inside – making it easier to move around and access equipment. E-Transit is still available is regular, long, and extended lengths. With electric or hybrid passenger vehicles, the battery is usually located near the trunk and thus limits the cargo area. Ford knew this was a problem and wanted to ensure that doesn’t happen with E-Transit, so they’ve integrated the battery underneath the body to ensure you get all the benefits of electricity without comprising cargo space. With the Chassis Cab and Cutaway models, E-Transit is the only electric work van that offers many choices to a variety of businesses. Like its gas-powered sibling, E-Transit remains easy to retrofit and offers a wide array of packages to make adapting to your needs convenient.

Like other electric vehicles, your cost of ownership will be decreased since you’re not making any trips to the pump or the garage for oil changes. With zero emissions, the E-Transit can also operate where internal combustion engines can’t, including indoors and in environments with limited ventilation. This will allow you to take your business where it couldn’t go before, all while increasing productivity and helping attain your sustainability goals.

Ford have gone ahead and packed the E-Transit with smart technologies that can accessed through the 12” touchscreen, including the new SYNC4 system that we’ve seen in the new F-150, Edge, Mach-E and other upcoming models. You’ll get features such as enhanced voice recognition, cloud-based connectivity, over-the-air updates, a digital owner’s manual, and other features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition, Ford have added Ford Telematics, a software that delivers manufacturer-grade information, insights, and solutions such as improved asset utilization through GPS tracking, maximized vehicle uptime with maintenance alerts, and a drive app to ensure driver pre and post trip safety checks. You’ll also be able to use this technology in real-time to navigate crowded roads, improve driving habits, maximize range and more.

Well folks, that’s all the information we have that’s available on the new 2022 E-Transit. We’re very excited about Ford’s vision to electrify its lineup for a better future, and commercial vehicles play a major role. The new E-Transit carries over what we love most about the Transit lineup – customizability and cargo solutions, only now we have zero emissions and advanced driver technology. We can’t wait to work with our local businesses and get their fleet ready for the future. As always, thanks for reading.

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