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  • We are always looking for quality inventory.
  • We want your trade-in. A good car is just as good as cash to used car specialists like us.
  • Why would you want to sell your car privately, have strangers come to your home and bother you with questions after it's sold? And why take the security risk?
  • Your car can be converted into cash almost immediately when you deal with Donnelly.

2018 ford expedition first drive

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  • We know the best way to sell a used car is to sell one that has been well maintained and lovingly cared for. We know it will last longer and perform better for the next owner.
  • Many people care for their cars - even exceeding the manufacturer's recommendations - because they know it will pay off in performance and the life of the car.
  • These owners should be rewarded for the extra time and money they've invested.
  • You know your vehicle best and if you are one of those owners who has completed your services with reputable service shops and have complete service records, we will pay you an additional $500 over the appraisal value whether you are trading for another car or selling it to us for cash.


  • Return requests must be received by 5 pm on the 7th calendar day following the day of delivery. Delivery day counts as Day 1 regardless of the time of delivery. For example, if the vehicle was delivered on June 5th, notification of return must be received by 5 pm on June 11th.
  • The first 500 KMS are at no charge. Each KM afterwards will be charged @ $1.25/each.
  • The vehicle must be returned in the condition it was delivered in.
  • The vehicle must not have suffered any damage or have been modified in any way.
  • As-traded, Specialty or High-Performance Vehicles are excluded from this program (including, but not limited to Ford Shelby, Ford Mustang GT, Ford Raptor, KIA Stinger).
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee does not apply to vehicles located and purchased from an outside source (dealer trades) on behalf of the customer, vehicles delivered outside of Ontario.
  • Installed accessories are not eligible for return and will be deducted from return proceeds.
  • This Money-Back Guarantee applies to the vehicle only. Protection products (including by not limited to Ceramic coatings, Paint Protection, Interior Protection, Rust Protection) are not covered under this money-back guarantee but may have partial refunds available depending on the product.
  • Warranties, insurances and pre-paid maintenance are all covered & refundable within the 7-day guarantee.
  • If the vehicle was financed, Donnelly Automotive Group will reverse the transaction with the lender. Any fees associated with cancelling with the lender will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • Customers are responsible for any licensing costs associated with the vehicle purchase, return or exchange.
  • Customers are responsible for returning any government-provided rebates for Electric or Hybrid vehicle purchases.
  • If choosing to exchange, a maximum of 2 exchanges will be processed for a single purchase.
  • If the customer traded in their previous vehicle and that vehicle has subsequently been sold within the return period, Donnelly Automotive Group will pay the cash value as represented on the contract for the trade.
  • If the customer had a shortfall between what was owed on their trade and their trade value, the client will be responsible for that value if their trade has been subsequently sold.


ford coyote engine 04


  • Everyone knows that when you buy a used vehicle once you've driven it off the lot, most of the time you are responsible for all the repairs.
  • At Donnelly's family of dealerships we say if we've delivered a good car you won't have a problem with it. We're prepared to back up our mechanical reconditioning 100%. That means should you have a mechanical problem, we will take care of it in the first 30 days of ownership.
  • Other dealers nickel and dime you shortly after you take delivery if there are any problems. We say that shouldn't happen and we're going to make sure you are 100% happy!


  • We store your off season tires! (Buy winter tires - we store your summer tires).
  • We fill your tires with Nitrogen - go green and get better mileage!
  • 50 years in business & locally owned means we're part of the community, support local charities and get involved in community projects.
  • When bad things happen to good people, our Donnelly Auto Credit specialists get you back on the road driving again.
  • Etch Security Protection - if your car is stolen get a $3500 credit towards a new car.
  • Donnelly Knows Price Sells! Every vehicle is clearly marked with a low pre-discounted price as part of our DKPS program.

These are retail programs and some conditions apply. See dealer for complete details on each program.

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